Eton College was delighted to host the hugely successful entrepreneur Michael Wolfe, co-founder of Gladly Inc., in the Jafar Hall. In addition to Gladly Inc., Mr Wolfe has also co-founded companies such as Vontu Inc., which was subsequently acquired by Symantec for $350m, and was key in helping Kana become a major eCRM company.

Mr Wolfe started the evening by talking about the world of start-up companies, why he chose to operate in it and how you can be successful at it. Next, he spoke about his life and his family, what it was like to grow up on the East coast of the US and why he’s chosen to live in San Francisco today.

Mr Wolfe then went on to talk about his start-up companies and why he has been so successful at them; he believes that the reason most start-up companies fail is because of their level of customer research and development, as often the ideas do not find a market and so never get a chance to sell their product. He told the audience his view of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, including factors such as not always following what you’ve been told to do and not being afraid of failure.

We would like to thank Mr Wolfe for taking the time to come to Eton, and for delivering an immensely insightful talk about how to go about planning a start-up in the future.

William Gurney