The Eton Broadcast Society welcomed Hugh Dennis, the English comedian, actor, and writer, to speak at the Jafar Hall. Mr. Hugh Dennis is most known for his appearance in the BBC One family sitcom Outnumbered, in which he plays the father Pete. He also works as a comedian with his comedy partner Steve Punt and is a regular host on satirical comedy shows such has the Now Show and Mock the Week. Mr. Dennis explored his somewhat unconventional path towards his comedy career, having not had much exposure to acting and performing until his time in the Cambridge Footlights, where he met his eventual long-time collaborator Steve Punt. He also spoke about his laid-back approach to work in general and the importance of taking any and all opportunities in the television industry without fear of disappointment, because you ‘really never know where it’s going to lead to’. After his talk, Mr. Dennis entertained questions from the expectant crowd, addressing his creative process when writing a sketch, the technical aspects of filming a television show, and his experience with improvisational comedy in stand-up and television. He also addressed the state of the film industry as a whole, citing the number of female directors in mainstream cinema as an important issue to raise in the media. Mr. Dennis’ sharp and funny take on the film and media industry has given boys a very informative and unique insight into what happens behind the television screen, and we wish him the very best in the future creative projects he intends to pursue.

Vernon Li (DWG)

Photos: Jasper Sodha (PGW)