Leaving on the Saturday immediately after breaking up for Long Leave, 4 masters (GBG, NJM, SLI and HGPJ) accompanied 28 boys for the Classics Trip to Greece. We spent a couple of nights in Athens, not only taking in the excellent artefacts on show in the National Archaeological Museum and the fantastic, redeveloped Acropolis Museum, but also observing the many sites of interest in the city (the Acropolis, the Pnyx, the Areopagus and the Agora to name but a few).

From here, we made our pilgrimage to Delphi where we spent one night, dining on the excellent food provided by the Epikouros Restaurant. Here we climbed further up the mountain to look at the sanctuaries of Athene and Apollo, and we also examined the beautiful surroundings of the stadium in the mountains.

The trip quickly moved on to Olympia, where we stayed for another night, and put on some light athletic entertainment for the crowds here, with GBG narrowly beating all of the boys in the race over one stade in the ancient stadium.

We then progressed over to Tolon for three nights, where we made daytrips to the magnificent theatre at Epidauros, to the ancient city of Mycenae, and then on to rural Sparta high up in the mountains. Our final destination on leaving the Peloponnese was to Corinth, en route to the airport at Athens, and this gave us the fantastic opportunity to look around one of Ancient Greece’s richest cities, learning all about the transportation of ships across land via the diolkos before the building of the Corinth Canal.

All in all, the trip was a great success and it was clear that immersion in all things Greek had helped the boys with their understanding of Classics, as demonstrated by the creditable performances in the final night quiz.