The inaugural meeting of Fashion Society hosted Dr. Agnès Rocamora from London College of Fashion, who delivered a lecture on “The Labour of Fashion Blogging".

With a background in sociology, Dr. Rocamora based her talk on a number of interviews that were conducted in 2013 and subsequently repeated in 2016, in which various fashion bloggers expressed their opinions and attitudes towards their job. However, they also revealed the pressures the bloggers face, such as that from the readers to deliver unbiased content. As a consequence of that some chose not to sell advertising space, feeling that this would compromise their integrity. She also spoke about how little regulated the field currently is, and about the problems that stem from that. For example, how some brands expect the fashion bloggers to advertise their products for free for the possibility of work with the respective brands.

Dr. Rocamora concluded the talk with a short but insightful Q&A session, in which the importance of various other platforms such as Instagram was discussed, in addition to the ways in which they affect the blogging industry.

We would like to thank Dr. Rocamora for delivering such an excellent talk and Mr. Tariq Mir for helping the boys organise the talk.

Daniil Filatov