On Tuesday 8 March, Eton pupils attended a celebration of International Women’s Day at St Mary’s Ascot with pupils from partner schools.  Keynote speaker Grace Barrett, founder of I Am Ally, discussed how it is important to use privilege to build anti-racist and bias-free spaces.  Pupils also participated in workshops on topics including as women in sport, the workplace and the criminal justice system. Discussions focused on the experiences of women at the forefront of environmental leadership, challenges faced by female prisoners, and how to engage men and boys to the fight to end violence against women. The celebration ended with dance performances and a discussion of the impact of gender on the world of dance. 

On Wednesday, Year 9 and 10 tutor groups were invited to attend a workshop with Chris Green OBE, who founded White Ribbon UK, a charity engaging with men and boys to end violence against women. During the workshop, pupils focused on what they see and hear in the news and social media relating to violence against women. Chris explained how men should consider their own behaviour and call out abusive behaviour among their peers to end violence and harassment of women.  

On Thursday, the Feminist Society met and discussed encouraging the Eton community to participate in White Ribbon Day in November, by wearing a white ribbon to demonstrate their commitment to ending male violence against women.   

International Women’s Day at Eton saw over 65 pupils, across all year groups, engaging with this year’s theme of #BreakTheBias. Thanks go to Secretaries of FemSoc and Year 13 pupils, Saxon S and Cosmo d B, and Director of Inclusion, H-EO.