In the early days of December, IRG (Hawtrey House) brought Aaron Sorkin’s ‘A Few Good Men’ to the Caccia Studio. Promising American wit and a riveting plot, it was directed by Mr Broad. Press Officer Jamie G told us about his night at the theatre, which saw the audience so inspired by the play that they left cheering “You can’t handle the truth!”

‘A Few Good Men’ follows a US military lawyer who defends two marines charged with killing a fellow marine at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. As the plot progresses, Daniel Kaffee, played by Cenk O, uncovers conspiracies and exposes Base Commander Colonel Nathan Jessup’s role, played by Aidan M, in the murder. In the end, Dawson and Downey, the two accused marines, are cleared of the murder and conspiracy charges, but are found guilty of ‘conduct unbecoming’ and are dishonourably discharged. In this sombre moment, we learnt of the honour that can exist out of bureaucratic structures, and equally, the dishonour that can exist within.

A real sense of immersion was created in the Caccia Studio through the magnificent wooden wall panels and desks which moulded the space into an American military office and courtroom. The actors further enveloped the audience with their well-executed American accents. Unfortunately, Alexander B was forced into isolation just before opening night, so Alistair T generously stepped in and was even able to bring his own American heritage to the play!

With these interruptions in mind, Mr Broad joked at the start that due to COVID, ‘A Few Good Men’ has indeed proved to be at times ‘A Very Few Good Men’! To have produced such a magnificent display of House spirit and offered a great experience for audience and actors alike, we thank and congratulate IRG for their stellar performance.