Last week the Caccia Studio played host to a reimagining of a classic, The Taming of the Shrew. Written between 1590 and 1592, Shakespeare’s play explores the themes of marriage and gender roles, providing a window into Elizabethan society and relationships.

Due to the loaded nature of the source material, many productions often struggle to justify the play’s comedic label. That struggle dissolved however, once the curtains rose on JRBS’ bold House production. Their interpretation fully utilised a crowd-pleasing soundtrack of 90s grunge, hip-hop and old school rock to follow Katarina’s journey from independent and truculent ‘shrew’ to loving and obedient wife.

The modern adaptation felt lively, with a variety of all-star performances helping to shine a light on the impact of oppressive expectations and controlling relationships. Zac Mee and Will Owen must be commended in particular.

Praise must also go to the Farrer team whose light and sound design enhanced the themes of the play really well, and the masterful direction of KMA, who highlighted the growing trend of House plays pushing the boundaries of convention and creativity.