On Monday this week, 12 pupils from Eton Porny Primary school spent their afternoon in the Drawing Schools. The students, all aged between 7-9 years old, concluded a three-day art workshop, organised by Art Master Mr Farley, with a few hours getting creative. Their work will be displayed in the window of the Town Hall to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

A short walk from the High Street, the children arrived excited for the prospect of honing their artistic skills. They had attended two previous workshops at Eton, learning about different art techniques such as paper cut silhouettes and trace monotype. Their final workshop focused on stamping, with the theme being the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Mr Farley demonstrated as the children eagerly watched before getting on with their own projects. Their stampings will be combined with their previous artworks to create a large piece, created entirely by the children of Eton Porny, which will be displayed in the window of the Town Hall for members of the Eton community to enjoy.

This partnership between Eton College and Eton Porny proved beneficial to all involved. The Eton Porny children had a great time producing some beautiful art, as did the Year 9 Etonians who also took part.

Thanks go to Mr Farley for organising such a fun and creative workshop for everyone involved in honour of the Jubilee!