Keynes Society Jeff Randall, Daily Telegraph columnist and Sky News presenter

Last Friday the Keynes Society was delighted to play host to Jeff Randall, a Daily Telegraph columnist and Sky News presenter with his own show. Mr Randall outlined the value of reputation, citing examples in business and politics including the MPs expenses scandal, Rupert Murdoch with phone hacking and Tony Hayward in the BP oil spill. In all these examples, the key to restoring reputation was in “owning up”, admitting mistakes and attempting to correct them. These examples were situations where respective culprits failed to recognise mistakes and, most importantly, do their utmost to correct the problems. Mr Randall also gave his views on several topics including the future of the Euro; he suggested it was not viable for such a large amalgamation of economies. In particular he criticised the single exchange rate, which he said was too low for countries like Germany, but too high for countries like Greece, leading to unnatural export and import levels. Consequently, he argued the Euro was unsustainable and would eventually collapse, contrary to the opinions of some members of the audience! Overall, the talk was very engaging and a great success.

Harry Daintith ma (BC)