On Thursday 25 January, the Khemka Social Impact Prize for Year 11, 12 and 13, was held in the CIRL Seminar Room.  

Boys we required to propose a solution to a social problem, local or global, and show that they had thought their idea through and tried to engage others in their project. The winning entry was to get £100 and a chance to implement their proposal with the help of Mr Uday Khemka OE.  

This year there was an unprecedented number of applicants – nearly 20 entries – meaning that there was a shortlisting process in which the top seven entries were put forward to present in person.  

After an extremely difficult decision the seven teams shortlisted were: The Get Ahead Programme (GAP) by Ben H, Foodlink by Camran R, Beau B, Tobi B and Finn B, Radiaction by Koza K, Simba S and and Joshua K and Revive & Thrive by Floris B and Sachin T and MemorySight by Jialiang Z and Jonathan Z.

Every team put forward their idea to the panel of judges, consisting of Ms Porcel Martin, Mr Anderson, Mr Khemka OE, Leo W, Abraham Y and Angus M. 

The standard was extremely high, with all presentations providing pertinent and innovative solutions to important social problems.  

From attempting to help reduce food waste in the UK, to creating a computer programme to help monitor radiators around Eton College, there was a wide variety of solutions which tackled problems both global and local. 

Every team’s imagination and perseverance were unique and admirable. But after much deliberation, for what was an extremely difficult decision, the judges decided to hand out the award to two teams.   

Foodlink was recognised for their research into their competitors and the contacts that they made with institutions through proposing their idea.  

The other winners were MemorySight for their innovative idea to helping reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s and their novel way of tackling the problem.  

The decision was so difficult, that the judges awarded a Junior Prize to Ben H in Year 11 for his project GAP.  

Mr Khemka and the judges could not believe how well thought through your projects were and how much work you’d put into them

MS Mehta

Thanks must go to Ms Mehta, Social Action Mentor, for organising the event, and to Mr Khemka OE and the judges who took time out of their evenings to listen to all the presentations.