Law Society Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia, ‘The Life of a Family Law Solicitor’

The Law Society was delighted to welcome Lady Shackleton, one of the country’s leading divorce lawyers, who spoke to the society on a range of family law issues. She commenced her talk by detailing the recent developments in the law on pre-nuptial agreements; a rapidly changing and fascinating area of jurisprudence. Lady Shackleton not only illuminated the legal technicalities of the issue but also gave a clear sense of some of the practical and emotional implications of the use of pre-nuptial agreements. The second half of Lady Shackleton’s talk focussed on life as a family lawyer. Lady Shackleton briefly discussed her own, extremely impressive, career and then proceeded to give useful and informal advice on how to progress in a law firm and on why family law was a satisfying area of the law in which to specialise. A range of well informed and interesting questions were asked from the floor, which helped to generate further discussion and debate.