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The newly formed Photography Society met last week, welcoming renowned photographer Lorenzo Tugnoli who spoke about his work in the Middle East and Asia. Mr Tugnoli’s described his determination to ‘explore the humanitarian consequences of conflict’, through the lens of individuals and their daily lives in countries including Yemen, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan.

Survival, hardship and humanity have all been the subject of photos taken by Mr Tugnoli on his travels.  He shared images showing the impact of war on civilians, many of which also revealed their sense of community and passion for music, dance and storytelling, which has helped them to overcome the adversity they face.

Mr Tugnoli explained his role as a photographer as one of delicately balancing the need to educate his audience with stories of suffering and endurance, whilst remaining sensitive to the reality of life for his subjects. A virtual audience was thrilled to hear an inspiring talk from a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who has documented so many moving scenes with such a graceful touch, especially when he revealed he was getting married on the weekend! We thank him very much for spending the evening with us.  

You can read more about Mr Tugnoli’s work here –