Lower Boy History Society Dan Snow

The Lower Boy History Society was privileged to have the historian, broadcaster and journalist Mr Dan Snow address the society on the topic of ‘History and the Media’. Mr Snow discussed his recent book Death or Victory: The Battle of Quebec and the Birth of Empire and the accompanying television series, and also examined the growing role of technology both in researching history and producing television series. In particular he focused on the rise of history on television starting with David Starkey’s landmark documentary on Elizabeth I and culminating today with the thousands of homemade documentaries on the internet. The lecture also focused on which direction history on television will take in the next few years, with Mr Snow suggesting that it would gravitate more towards the internet with fewer programmes on television. Questions were asked on how Dan Snow got into presenting history and how any aspiring historian could follow his path.

It was a fascinating evening from one of the foremost presenters of history on television in the country and was enjoyed by all. The society is very grateful to Mr Snow for coming and to Mr Mann and Mr Horan for arranging the event.