1st Field 13-17 Macleods and the Existentialists

It did not take long for the OE’s to strike first at the Field, when a bully member raced clear, and after a few failed attempts the OEs both scored and converted a rouge to give them a 7 point advantage. The Field responded well to falling behind, but their problems grew when another OE bully member skipped past the backs and fired a shot against the post, before retrieving the ball and scoring a second rouge. The Eton boys finally obtained a foothold in the match when the OE’s were caught sneaking on the line, and they made no mistake in scoring the bully rouge to halve the deficit, and were only 5 points behind at half time. The 1st field carried this momentum into the second half when the ball was floated in to the box from a free kick, and ricocheted off a few in the box before trickling in for a goal. The OE bully ran tirelessly, and got their reward when they scored another bully rouge to extend there advantage back to 7 points. A late goal for the boys was not enough, as the OEs held on to win in a close match.

Shaun Johnson