Medical Society: Professor Julian Halcox

Wednesday, 26th September 2012

This was the third meeting of the Medical Society in what will be an exciting year. Professor Julian Halcox, a consultant cardiologist from Cardiff University, gave a talk entitled ‘Understanding, Treating and Preventing Heart Attacks.’ During the introduction we were reminded of the seriousness of heart disease, learning how it claims 17 million lives globally every year, dwarfing the 3 million accounted for by AIDS. Next we were taken through the causes and treatment principles of heart disease and were told how surgical techniques are advancing in response to a greater desire for perfection. The talk was extremely informative and provided the perfect opportunity to expand our knowledge of heart disease beyond what is required in the AS Biology syllabus.

The turnout was exceptionally large with many students from various other schools attending to almost fill up the Egerton Room. Judging by the questions asked everyone seemed to have gained a lot from attending the talk. It was a hugely successful meeting that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and will undoubtedly form one of the highlights of the Half.

Agrawal (BC)