Medical Society Mr Paul Rosen, Ophthalmic Surgeon

On Wednesday 7 March, the Medical Society was lucky enough to welcome Mr. Paul Rosen, an ophthalmic surgeon based in Oxford.

His talk was titled ‘Eye-Tech’ so he fittingly began with an introduction into the function and relationship the eye has with the rest of the body, including those things we fail to think about in daily life, such as the impact our eyes have on balance and our internal circadian body clock. As a specialist in dealing with cataracts, Mr Rosen then detailed the history behind cataract surgery, from the less than safe procedure of ‘couching’ to modern treatments using complex techniques to fully remove and replace the clouded lens with a new-age biologically compatible one. He then explained the science behind laser eye surgery, and how reshaping the cornea could solve the problems (currently common, but for how long?) of long and short-sightedness.

We were privileged to have many students from local schools present to add to the already sizeable attendance, and ensure that Mr. Rosen’s excellent and insightful talk received the appreciation it deserved.

Louis Murphy (NCWS)