Medical Society Mr Marc Laniado, Consultant Urologist, Wexham Park Hospital, ‘Robotics in Surgery’

Mr Marc Laniado, a consultant urologist from Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, spoke to the Medical Society about the future of robotics in surgery, and particularly in urology. From the humble beginnings of the 1980s camera robot Zeus to the 21st century £1.8 million Da Vinci robot, Mr Laniado led us through developments in robotics, and discussed how future surgery will be dominated by minimally invasive operations, with progressively smaller scars and progressively faster recovery times. He discussed the benefits of having accurate and precise surgery in urology in order to maintain the function of the urinary and reproductive systems, and how robotics allows surgeons to reconstruct damaged tissue to restore function to a greater extent than ever before. Looking forward, Mr Laniado mentioned the possibility of nano-robotics and natural orifice surgery in order to eradicate the need for scarring altogether. Again, we were joined by a large number of students from schools in the surrounding area, bringing the attendance number to over 120 at an engaging and fascinating talk.

Louis Murphy (NCWS)