Medical Society Dr Rashmi Patel on Neuroimaging

Addressing a packed Egerton room, Dr Rashmi Patel OE began by giving an account of the history of imaging in medicine and how, as we progressed from simple 2D x-rays, which have limited application, the possibility of detecting and tracking certain conditions grew. From x-rays he moved on to 3D imaging which is produced by CT (Computer Tomography). This has made it possible to see inside the brain in a way never before possible without an invasive procedure.

Dr Patel’s area of expertise is Neuroimaging and he described numerous methods of mapping activity in the brain. These range from PET scanning which involves the uptake of a radioactive isotope, to fMRI which can be used to track the movement of water around the brain.

Throughout the talk Dr Patel referred back to case studies so that we could see each technique in action. He finished with stroke as an example of where modern Neuroimaging has helped to change the way in which dangerous conditions are dealt with and treated. At the end of the talk he took a range of questions, all of which he answered clearly and comprehensively. Once again, a hugely successful Medical Society meeting and we look forward to the next one.

Jamie Tabor (MNF)