The Wellbeing Advisory Board (WAB) was established in 2018 as a committee for those passionate about awareness of mental health, providing a sounding board for boys and a connection to those who can make changes to their daily lives and schedules.

As a boy-led board, the WAB hopes to raise awareness of and education on the topic of mental health. Through assemblies, email blasts, newsletters, society talks, innovative de-stressing activities and much more, it hopes to dispel the potential stigma of discussing our mental health.

Current secretary, Oscar Gibson (BJH), had this to say about the role of the organisation in boys’ life, “we require a shift in our mode of thought. Mental health, like physical health, is something we all have and need to look after.  The Wellbeing Advisory Board aims to raise awareness of this vital fact among boys.” In the spirit of encouraging feedback, the Wellbeing Board hosts an open meeting every Thursday to hear suggestions from any boys on how Eton can improve. 

Last week the Wellbeing Advisory Board hosted the school’s response to mental health awareness week, and its 2021 theme of appreciating nature as a meditative and calming environment. The week offered numerous talks, assemblies, and activities such as a tree walk, bird watching and yoga.