This year’s Mixed Wall had an extremely promising season under the captainship of Harry Severs KS, who led the team in three scratch matches, against OE teams, and a number of other games against some internal teams.

The first match of the season was against C wall. It proved to be a tightly contested one with Mixed Wall eventually pushing into calx and attempting to score a point during the last play of the game. Unfortunately the lack of knowledge of rules on behalf of one of the players meant that Mixed Wall could not secure what would have been a well-deserved win.

The next match was played against Mr. Archie Hammond’s scratch, with Mixed Wall finding itself in the position of having to lend some players to the scratch to even out the numbers. During the course of the game the Mixed Wall played extremely well but found itself pushed back into calx in the last minutes of the game after giving away some unfortunate holding penalties. Subsequently one of the players interfered with an attempted goal, allowing the scratch to score a penalty goal thus winning fairly decisively.

The second match was played against Mr. George Hammond’s scratch. This one proved to be highly contested but ultimately not very eventful as the teams found themselves very evenly matched, resulting in a stalemate, which could be broken even by the fierce knuckling and other questionable plays from both sides.

During the final match of the season Mixed Wall was faced with Mr. Richard Pryor’s scratch, which proved to be a formidable team. The scratch burst out of the blocks with power, scoring a number of times in the first half of the watch. Subsequently Mixed Wall found its footing and was able to push back in the second half, but unfortunately couldn’t even out the score resulting in a defeat.

Daniil Filatov