On Monday 24th September, MyBnk visited to deliver a Uni Dosh workshop for those about to leave school or college and considering moving onto university. Uni Dosh offers a comprehensive overview of university money matters and structures.

As George Pickthorn (JDN) put it:

Student loans, interest rates and debt… these are things no Sixth Form student wants to hear. However, these are also difficulties that can become much more manageable with some help. Fortunately, I was present with twenty-nine other B Blockers for an interactive talk by Carl Clarke, a representative of ‘My Bnk’, a company working to advise students on their financial situation – whatever that might be. The workshop encouraged us to think hard about life beyond Eton. Making your money work for you: this means being pragmatic and carefully considering what you spend your money on. A huge focus of life at university should be to have fun; money can be the facilitator of this, but student life is not “just a laugh” and financial situations and precautions should be taken seriously. This is the most important part of university – independence. Financial independence goes hand in hand with responsibility and this engaging workshop showed the importance of thinking seriously about what should be some of the best days of our lives.