National Careers Week started on Monday 4th March. It also doubles as Eton’s employability week and to mark the occasion, Eton Futures held the first of three VocSoc seminars with students attending from Holyport College as well as Etonians of all blocks. Looking at Careers in Psychology, we were privileged to have a panel of three OE speakers who all work in leadership coaching and they explained who they work with and the context in which coaching conversations take place. Ed Haddon (JGLN,TCB,’91) , Chris Berthoud (RHH, MAT,’84) and Sandy Loder (MCM,’84) were interviewed by Simon Kelton OE (DNC,CJOC,’84) , who also elicited a range of interesting questions from the audience. They drew on their experiences with various client groups, ranging from entrepreneurs, young people, elite athletes and civil servants. They also illuminated our thinking about the stochastic nature of careers, perhaps best characterised as the ‘stepping stones’ model. Linear careers are becoming unusual and will be increasingly rare in the future World of Work. The rejuvenated Psychology Society has speakers coming in each of the next three weeks, so those with an interest in this sector can really apprise themselves of just how versatile psychology is as both an endlessly fascinating subject and a basis for increasing employability.