Fourth of June opening of the Collections

Over 3,300 separate visits were made to the various areas of the Collections that were open on the Fourth of June. In addition to Eton’s three museums, College Library had a display of books and archives, as well as a special display about Lord Byron in the Tower Gallery. The College silver was displayed in College Hall alongside works of art on the theme of sport, perfectly complementing the Sport at Eton exhibition in the Verey Gallery, which proved popular and received record numbers of visitors this year.

Scarabs and falcons, beetles and birds

Items from the Antiquities and Natural History collections have been brought together in a new temporary display by a boy in C Block (Lower Sixth). The display pairs a scarab beetle and an ancient Egyptian Falcon icon from the Museum of Antiquities, with a dung beetle and a bird collected by Provost Thackeray, one of the founding exhibits of the Natural History Museum, where these objects and specimens are on show. The juxtaposition allows an exploration of natural behaviours and characteristics of these sanctified creatures, and outlines how these feed into their mythology and sacred status.

Local groups visit museum

A group of 26 members of Wild Maidenhead recently visited the Natural History Museum, with one visitor commenting “I had one of the most enjoyable days of my life (and I am a tad short of 79), I could have stayed a month!” A total of 60 Beavers and Cubs, along with their leaders from the 1st Maidenhead Sea Scouts, also recently visited the Natural History Museum over two evenings, enjoying interactive sessions led by curator, George Fussey. 

New display of old skeletons

The Natural History Museum’s ostrich, eagle, dog and crocodile skeletons have been cleaned, repaired and displayed in elevated cases in the Huxley Study. Their new aspect provides an excellent, educational view of the skeletal structure of birds, mammals and reptiles.