On Monday 4 March, boys from all blocks gathered for the much-anticipated final of the Hoberman Prize. The final consisted of 9 teams and 28 boys. All 9 pitches were incredibly thought through, and to the highest standards. In the end, the judges decided to commend Fül for their innovative sports drinks for athletes. Runners up were Movie Matcher for their movie-selector business, based on the user's current mood, as opposed to previous films. However, NewsPal with their AI, anti-fake-news software were victorious. It is software that helps to give the users colour coded signs (as a chrome extension) for the reliability of a news source by using Natural Language Processing.

Apart from the teams that gave up so much time in preparation and perfecting their presentations, a thank you must be given to the judges (Brent Hoberman OE, Khaled Said OE, Babatunde Soyoye and Idan Ofer) who took time out of their schedules, GBR and the boys of the Entrepreneurship Society with their assistance and advice throughout the process.

Jasper Sodha