On the 30th October, Aron Gelbard, the Co-Founder of flower delivery company Bloom & Wild, came to Eton to present to the future generation of Etonian entrepreneurs. It was a fascinating and insightful talk, and he emphasised the importance of having a co-founder to help get you through the process of setting a company up. Although Gelbard and his co-founder themselves have never made a profit, this was a conscious decision to allow for faster growth of the company, and in turn more external investment.

Mr. Gelbard then went on to talk more specifically about the intricate details of his company. He commented on how in-house technology and creating a more efficient process, along with their USP of bouquets that fit through post-boxes, have allowed them to rapidly take hold of the UK's flower market. They are expanding internationally at an exponential scale, and are looking to get into more sectors that can fit through a letterbox, such as other plants and even wine! It truly was an engaging and useful talk for entrepreneurs of the future, and many thanks must go to Mr Gelbard for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak.

Jasper Sodha