Wednesday 30th January

The Medical Society welcomed vet Hugo Richardson OE (ex MAG) who gave a highly entertaining and informative talk entitled ‘Deadly Bats and Pigs that Kill’ describing how many human diseases are contracted from the animals that live around us. He showed us amazing slides from his time studying at London Zoo and then went on to explain the increasing risk of a global pandemic in the modern world. Before the talk, four Old Etonian doctors, Prof Ricky Richardson (President OEMS), Dr Rashmi Patel (Secretary OEMS), Dr Peter Adams and Dr Nathan Moore gave mock interviews to a number of boys who have applied for medicine. It was so successful that the OEMS has already committed to repeating the exercise before Medical Society meetings next November and in January 2014. The OEMS continues to play an active part in supporting boys who wish to study medicine, and were kind enough to invite six of the secretaries of the College Medical Society to their annual dinner during Short Leave. Needless to say Masters and boys appreciate very much the support and encouragement, not to mention opportunities for work experience and shadowing that are freely offered.

George Fussey