This stunning photograph of a red kite on the wing was taken by schoolboy Jack Rogers and won Eton College's Natural History Photographic Prize 2014.

Keen photographer Jack (GRP) set up his tripod near a freshly ploughed field, which had turned up worms and field mice for the birds of prey. It was not the first time he had tried to capture the magnificent red kites but this time his patience paid off.

"Because of the amount of food there was a sort of feeding frenzy. At one point I could count 30 kites circling above the surrounding fields," he explained. "At first they did not feed close to the area where I had set up the tripod but gradually they got closer and closer. The picture was taken about fifteen metres away.

"They seemed very unusually unperturbed by my being by the field, however any movement sent them flying off so I had to be very still. It meant I had to adjust the settings on the camera in preparation for a kite coming close."

Jack's image was taken on low av setting (7.5) which meant the image had a very shallow depth of field, making it harder to get pictures in focus. It was taken on a Canon 550D camera with a normal lens.