Liam Sharp, an internationally renowned portrait photographer, came to speak to the photographic society in the prayers hall in Evans’s. Mr Sharp spoke about his life as a photographer, the different aspects of his career and how he makes a living from his work. He spoke of his work for magazines, including WIRED, and how he is sent all around the world to photograph famous figures for articles. It was particularly interesting to hear how he would try to implant a certain message into the portraits that he produces in order to express the story being told in the article or the main story of the person in question’s life.

He spoke a lot on his unique and trademarked style of portrait photography and special use of lighting in all of his photos. It was very interesting to learn about the complex set-up of his studio lighting. Most of his photos are taken in the environment of the character that he is photographing so he spoke of bringing the studio to the environment and having to use his special lighting to create his portraits with this stunning effect.

Mr Sharp talked about his passion for travelling the world and photographing different cultures. He also spoke of the vulnerability of these cultures and how globalization is creeping into their character.

All in all, it was a fantastic talk from a man at the top of his profession and we were very grateful that he was able to visit us and share his insights.

Theo Wood (JRBS)