Professor of Maths at Oxford, Mr John Lennox was vibrantly feted at Upper School for the Simeon Society on Tuesday evening. With the anticipated topic of “Do God and Science mix?”, over 100 guests packed into the room to hear about Cosmic Chemistry – and they were not disappointed.

The Professor commenced the talk by immediately outlining his argument: it was not a question of whether Science and God could mix, but rather if atheism and Science could, or in fact how the two couldn’t, as that was his argument throughout. He evaluated the god-of-the-gaps theory, delicately picking apart the fallacy that it hides, and how the Christian God is not diminished by scientific discovery, but exalted by it; for example, he demonstrated how Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity deepened his faith, instead of comprising it.

Having debated with the likes of Richard Dawkins, the audience fervently questioned him in the Q and A after the talk. He took all 5 questions in at once, and with articulate oration never ducked them. One question, asked in quite an exacting tone, concerned the matter that if we are a member to one religion, aren’t we atheists to all other religions, too? With a smooth reply, he calmly agreed, explaining how he believed the god of Christianity is creator of the cosmos, whereas gods of other religions are products of the cosmos.

We would like to thank Professor Lennox for giving a truly engaging talk to the crowd in Upper School, and we look forward to welcoming him back to the College in the years to come.

Nathan Swidler