Psychology Society Mr Robert Phipps (Body Language Expert) ‘How to Tell What People Are Really Thinking’

Robert Phipps has analysed body language on shows such as Big Brother and Trisha Goddard, and is regularly called upon to comment on political events by the BBC. In the lead-up to the General Election, he analysed the Prime Ministerial Debates for GMTV. The Psychological Society was delighted to host him as a visiting speaker. It would have been hard for anyone to top Mr Phipps’s talk. Even before it started, so many people were drawn to hear him that the Egerton Room was full to capacity and at least one hundred pupils had to be turned away. Mr Phipps offered a very engaging talk, stressing not only the importance of body language but also the breadth of topics that fall into body language. Contrary to what most people think, it does not simply refer to our facial expression or our posture, it includes any non-verbal form of communication such as our choice of clothing. Indeed, not only was Mr Phipps a charismatic and funny speaker, he also managed to maintain the audience’s attention through his frequent demonstrations and analysis of celebrity body language. We would like to thank him for delivering such a thought-provoking and entertaining talk.

Tom Marano (MAG)