Six Eton pupils have been busy in the school's Design School, hard at work creating a brand new racing car.

The 13 and 14-year-olds are getting their vehicle ready to enter Greenpower – Inspiring Engineers, a schools’ competition which aims to promote sustainable engineering among young people. Teams from around the UK are tasked with designing, building and ultimately racing a car. However, in this competition the focus isn’t on winning a short burst on a racing track. Instead the teams have to demonstrate their vehicle can make the grade over a long distance.

“It’s not all about speed, it’s also about endurance,” said pupil Jack Craig (ML). “We have to make sure it’s reliable and works perfectly because we have to ensure it can go for anything up to four hours.”

All participating teams also have to make the car as cost effective and green as possible, whilst using a standard battery and motor.

“This project gives us a massive opportunity to create a car, which we wouldn’t normally do,” said team member Adair Verey (NCWS). “I also enjoy doing collaborative work instead of working by myself.”

Eton’s team is using the college’s 3d printing machine and laser cutters to help try to make their machine as light but robust as possible. It’s a combination of putting everything they’ve learnt in their lessons into practice, combined with some good old trial and error.

“They have to utilise different skills for different purposes,” said Technician Harley Zblewski, who is advising the team. “It also takes an incredible amount of precision and patience.”

The Eton team will have to compete in a regional heat later this year, in the hope of going forward to the finals which will be held at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in October.