On Wednesday thirty-five C Blockers took a coach to Stratford to visit the London Academy of Excellence. This was the second part of the exchange with LAE (they previously came for a visit early last Michaelmas). We were ushered into a large hall where refreshments were served and then we were reunited with our “buddies” from Eton House (one of the six houses at the academy).

The main focus of the day was on the question: “How can we solve educational inequality in the UK?” We began by researching various eye-opening case studies and reports on the matter which took about an hour. After this there was a lunch break and when we returned we were faced with a challenge: we had to prepare our own presentations. We had to present a project with a budget of 500,000 pounds that would have an impact on the education system in the UK. In groups of about eight to ten we set to work on this.

The whole room was filled with insightful discussion on topics that we do not often talk about and it led to some excellent presentations and questions.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was an extremely fun and beneficial experience.

Lorenzo Harvey-Allchurch