On the 22nd of January, the annual Lyttelton Address began. The lecture was split up into two on the 22nd and 23rd January. This year’s Lyttelton Address was presented by Reverend Dr Jamie Hawkey, the current Dean and Director of Theological Studies at Clare College in Cambridge. He was also appointed Chaplain to HM the Queen in October 2017.

The first lecture was principally about the history of the church as well as the power and influence it has held throughout history, providing us with an understanding of the church’s progression through the ages. Particular focus was drawn to the veneration of saints; Dr Hawkey went on to say how the church and the state went from being at odds with each other, to become closer in partnership, especially after Henry VIII becoming head of the church.

Dr Hawkey began the second night by talking about Christ and his depiction in the modern era. In this part of the Address, he gave the audience some insight into priesthood and its effect on life, such as weddings and education, in addition to showing us how the church is able to educate one million children each day. He concluded by saying how England has been ‘radically shaped’ by Christianity and giving the audience an appreciation of how the church has affected Eton as well.

We would like to thank Dr Hawkey for his time and for his intriguing insights he gave the audience.

Will Gurney