There were ringing ears all round as a thoroughly satisfied crowd left the Parry Hall on Friday 10 November after witnessing the first roaring RockSoc display of the year. Armed with drinks – exclusively soft, of course – the lengthy queue flooded into a buzzing venue.  

Bands from up and down the College put on a show chock-full of undisputed classics, with appearances from the Foo Fighters, the Eagles, Coldplay and more, along with some lesser known but equally roof-raising tunes.  

To start the show, a Year 11 band, fronted by a gutsy and crowd-adored lead singer, got the whole room involved with Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. Leading the hype were a tight mass of older boys and Holyport students at the barrier who brought smiles to the faces of all the performers, including a brilliant band from Holyport College, who did a stunning rendition of the Billy Joel stalwart Vienna.  

Among the Radiohead tributes and homages to the Gallagher brothers, future stars and today’s musical royalty emerged. Throughout the show, everyone from bucket-hatted guitarists to keyboardists and hype men brought their spark to the electric atmosphere.  

After three viral hits from a rapturously received group of five, it came to a band made up of boys in Year 12 and 13 to close the evening. They did just that, leaving the crowd on tenterhooks after an all-too-brief encore that left the room hungry for more.  

The lights went up, the deserved congratulations went to every single performer and the crowd reluctantly went back into the world.