With the Upper Boats having returned from Spain, they restarted training as soon as possible, with eyes set on the first race of the season: Eton Invitational Head.

Boys were put in matched boats for the upcoming EIH, and though the windy climate was not preferable, they continued to make some good technical progress in such conditions. On the full days, they worked hard in the gym, running circuits, doing weights work, and enduring core and glute workouts on top of the work on rowing machines – tiring, to say the least. With crew selection looming large over the rowers’ heads, it’s time to really push their limits to get into the top boats for Schools Head at the end of the half. Until then…

In the first two weeks of Lent half, the Colts members of the ECBC started their gruelling climb to the top, with National Schools regatta on the horizon, almost five months away.

Although so far the weather has not been great, as one would expect of January, the Colts did manage to brave the wind and work on their technique in on the water sessions. They have also been improving their fitness by using the rowing machines, in the much more welcoming conditions of the HPC gym. However, ultimately the highlight of the first two weeks was Eton Invitational Head, the first competition of the season, which gave the Colts some taste of the Head races to come this term and allowed them to get establish closer bonds as teammates.

Many thanks to Mr. Adams, Mr. Whetnall and Ms. Milne for making these past weeks so great.

Nathan Swidler and Daniil Filatov