Dr Andrew Spurr, Managing Director of EDF’s UK nuclear power stations

Dr Spurr gave an illuminating presentation on the future of British energy. It was a captivating talk, exceptionally well attended by Etonians as well as students from neighbouring schools, that described the role that both nuclear and renewable sources have to play during the declining years of fossil fuels, and the large investment that EDF is making in the future of UK nuclear energy.

The talk began with some alarming figures: only 20% of the UK’s power is generated from nuclear sources, as opposed to France’s 90%; and some of our reactors are over 40 years old. The UK industry leader is Électricité de France, which is investing £25 billion over the next decade building four new reactors around the country. Dr Spurr outlined the design of the new reactors, including their numerous safety mechanisms, and described the failures that led to the catastrophes at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. It is a testament to the enthusiasm of the audience that Dr Spurr was able, with great generosity on his part, to answer 45 minutes of questions. The Scientific Society would like to thank him for his time and energy in giving such a valuable and important lecture.

James Spicer OS (ASR)