Shackleton Society: Jim McNeill (‘Ice Warrior’) on pushing boundaries

Jim McNeill (‘Ice Warrior’) gave an inspirational speech and a spectacular slideshow of pictures documenting his previous work with the BBC and many of his other expeditions in the Arctic. Talking off the cuff, he revealed the hardships of exploration and amazed the audience with accounts of pushing the boundaries of human endeavour and discovering the true limitations of man against nature.

The talk was to overrun somewhat as many questions were asked, but the audience remained engaged throughout. Mr McNeill’s breadth of knowledge and ambition struck as all. Especially notable was his desire to excite people into action on the issue of global climate change, speaking from a very different (but no less serious) perspective, blaming the thinning ice for a failed trip to the ‘Innacessible Pole’, including his falling through the ice and being exposed to the Arctic Water for more than two minutes.

Jonathan Astle (TEWH)