The Chief Executive of Stonewall, Ben Summerskill, spoke to the Shelley Society about the work of Stonewall and the progress of LGBT movements. It was fascinating to hear how the use of the labour market had been particularly successful in allowing people to come out as gay, as people will work most productively when they are open and honest about their sexuality – a point only now gaining recognition from major firms. Stonewall’s role in this change was huge due to its structure being similar to a consultancy, advising major firms about the benefits of ensuring equality in the workplace for those of all sexualities. Since this can affect the openness of business leaders, role models are created for the future, further adding to Stonewall’s success. Above all however, Mr Summerskill made clear his view that if poeple work together, the prospect of a Britain with greater equality is a very real one.

Charles Bertlin (AMM)