After 3 years of hearing “I’m so tired” or “I was up until 1am last night” as the default conversation starter, we decided to see if any hard data existed to correlate with our own personal experiences of sleep deprivation in the school community. Louis Capstick, Toby Robinson and Nathan Swindler (NCWS) conducted a research project on Sleep Patterns among adolescents, in collaboration with CIRL and the Stephenson Centre. They circulated a questionnaire across the school and collected responses from 760 boys, across the Blocks. They were able to get a clear picture of the sleeping habits of Etonians and understand the barriers to healthy sleeping habits. The broader scope of the project is to raise awareness of how sleep can affect not only one’s levels of tiredness but also impact negatively on academic and sporting performance, reduce motivation and be a detrimental factor in the overall wellbeing of adolescents. The findings (and some possible solutions) are being disseminated within Houses and across the College.