Last weekend, 20 pupils participated in the Eton Charity Sleepout. Last held in 2018, this year’s event aimed to raise money for two local charities, The Windsor Homeless Project and Slough Homeless Our Concern.

Pupils and teachers slept on cardboard leftover from food deliveries to Bekynton, with sleeping bags borrowed from the CCF, and were given soup for dinner. Whilst this is clearly a far cry from the harsh reality of sleeping on the streets, it nonetheless provided a greater insight into homelessness and raised awareness about the difficulties of sleeping rough.

Each pupil had to pay a minimum of £10 to participate in the sleepout and have been strongly encouraged to help to fundraise for these charities. Indeed, over half of the fundraising goal of £3,000 has already been reached and these much-needed donation will support essential projects.

The sleepout was organised by Year 13 pupil Tyrus M, who was glad to be able to hold the event in the last few months of his time at Eton after months of disruption because of Coronavirus. Alongside the organisational skills and support of Ms Mehta and Dr Anderson, Tyrus helped not only to coordinate fundraising efforts, but also to host the sleepout in Cloisters.

It is hoped that this event will take place regularly in the coming years and that the Eton community will continue to support these charities. You can contribute to the fundraising efforts here.