Yesterday’s Social Impact Society played host to Paul Forkan, the founder of Gandys clothing brand. He spoke about his childhood and the life changing event that saw his parents killed in the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, when he was just 15. However, this tragedy ultimately became the catalyst which propelled his business ambitions in later life.

Together with his brother Rob, Paul started their lifestyle clothing brand out of their bedroom in their early 20s. The brothers both have a passion for giving back to orphans and therefore decided from the outset that they would donate 10% of their profits to creating camps all around the world to support any children in need. Hence the strap-line, ‘Orphans for Orphans’ – a phrase that is central to their ideology.

He went on to tell us in inspiring detail how his nascent flip-flop business went on to be a multi-product global success story with ground breaking collaborations with McLaren and Kuoni and a range of high end shops in London.

Thank you for sharing your insights in such a humble way!