Hockey at Eton is sometimes overshadowed by the historic Field Game; however, the College’s hockey program ties together the values of teamwork and inspiring personal development in a way no other sport can quite capture. Eton’s hockey club provides opportunities and excitement vital to a pupil’s time at the school, as player Alexander McC tells the Press Office.

Eton is privileged to have a tailored hockey programme extending from Year 9 to Year 13, centred around our four state-of-the-art, water-based Astroturf pitches at Master’s and Willowbrook, both under a ten-minute walk from the school’s centre.

Pupils can enter into the hockey programme in the Lent Half of their first year as one of two major sports, with the Field Game as an alternative. Eton is fortunate to provide a group of five to ten specialised coaches and instructors who mentor junior hockey players of all abilities. As one of Eton’s major sports, the hockey club comes with the benefit of a consistent stream of external fixtures which enables pupils to put into practice the skills that they have acquired over weeks of specialised training. 

Hockey at Eton offers numerous opportunities, including a path into top teams who represent the school both nationally and internationally, touring around the country and training in Spain. The hockey programme also offers external routes into regional and county teams and beyond, paving the way for a flourishing hockey career.

However, hockey at Eton is not limited to advanced athletes. Eton facilitates 18 hockey teams schoolwide, ranging from complete beginners to adventurous sportsmen to aspiring national players. The team of experienced coaches ensures that everyone is provided with the opportunity to develop at their own pace and style.

During the Lent Half, all players have the chance to compete against not only other institutions but also each other. The school provides an internal competition among Houses for Juniors (Years 9-10) and Seniors (Years 11-13), with edible treats and an esteemed cup awaiting the victors.

Eton’s hockey club has flourished for well over 100 years and is happy to welcome new sportsmen of any ability to enjoy an atmosphere of enthusiastic teamwork and competition, which we are privileged to enjoy on the College’s hockey pitches!