The Magical Society consists of roughly ten boys with a keen interest in developing and performing magic. All of them are self-taught and range from Year 9 all the way to Year 13. Former members of the Magical Society include Alex Elmsey, the eponymous inventor of the Ghost Count and Henry Dimbleby, one of the co-founders of healthy eating chain Leon.

The current Keeper of the Magical Society is Harry B, who organises regular meetings of the Magical Society that often include external magicians who are invited to perform or give a talk. In 2018 Eton magicians were thrilled to meet Michael Vincent, British magician and three-time winner of the Magic Circle’s Close-up Magician of the Year award.

What made that evening so memorable was not just the artistic and flawlessly performed routine, but the anecdotes and stories that came with it. Michael Vincent only has 1% of his hearing, and his stories were moving and thoroughly fascinating.

Harry B, Keeper of the Magical Society

In addition, Eton’s magicians also lead workshops teaching others to perform particular tricks. The allure of takeaway pizza and the ability to confound fellow pupils makes these very popular events!

In exciting news, the society is now preparing for a performance of its own. On the 27 November, the Magical Society are presenting The Beauty of Magic in Eton’s Farrer Theatre. The show promises both intrigue and shock in a showcase of magical talent. The performance is a revival of the annual show, devised and organised without adult assistance, that was last seen on an Eton stage in 1985.

You can see a preview of some of the Magical Society’s tricks of the trade below.