Stock Broking Society: Mr James Boord (ABG Group) on currency markets

The Stock Broking Society was pleased to welcome James Boord who is a director of the Gibraltar-based ABG Group– a company which specialises in training and education in the foreign exchange markets, with a particular emphasis on home trading.

Mr Boord started by giving us an introduction to trading and what it entailed – and the psychology behind it – before moving onto scenarios in the world of foreign exchange. We were shown various scenarios in the currency markets (eg Euro vs US Dollar) with recent charts and were given a thorough briefing on how the trading cycle works and when would be ideal opportunities to sell and buy currency. Following the scenarios, Mr Boord showed us his trading journal and we were taken through his recent trading history and the risks he had taken.

Two places were up for grabs on one of the ABG group’s prestigious financial courses in London, with a potential opportunity for a two week internship at the ABG Group’s headquarters in Gibraltar. Congratulations to Brendan Hanrahan (MAG) and Charlie Miller-Stirling (PJMcK) for winning, guessing most accurately the USA’s latest GDP figure.

It was an interactive evening which was enjoyed by everyone and provided an interesting and in-depth introduction to the intricacies of the foreign exchange markets and the lucrative business of home trading.

Freddie Brodermann (WFM)