Stockbroking Society: Robin Geffen

Wednesday, 3rd October 2012

Mr Robin Geffen's talk on 'How to create a 21st Century investment management fund and how to invest with it' provided detailed information on the mechanics behind starting an investment vehicle. He stressed the importance of organisation and the value of employing individuals who were talented both outside and inside the classroom.

He then stopped his talk to face about 40 minutes of questioning. The boys in the audience managed to ask specific questions which demonstrated their own research into the topic. These questions allowed Mr Geffen and the Chief Economist of his company, Mr James Dowey, to effectively reveal their insights into future development/investment opportunities. They broke down each question, related them to company projects and gave very helpful advice to boys who were intent on a future in investment.

This first meeting of the Stockbroking society went as smoothly as we had hoped. Held in 1 Elliot schools, we managed to pack the classroom with around 80 people. Mr Geffen and Mr Dowey were clearly experts in their field and clearly inspired many Etonians into pursuing finance as a career option.

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