The OEs playing water polo is a strange site: large figures in the water, aggressively antagonistic, yet so bereft of fitness. On St Andrew’s Day, the younger Etonians, full of fitness while a little smaller in appearance, gave the older players a game that was to be remembered for years to come.

The first half saw the score in favour of the OEs; despite being 3-0 down, goals from the keepers Ed Clegg and Nathan Swidler gifted the boys morale for the second half. A spectacular goal from the goalkeeper on the OEs team at the end of the 3rd quarter brought the score to 7-4. But the boys strode on. With a little help from their coach, who came in the final quarter, we scraped it back to 7-7 miraculously in the final 2 minutes with shots from Ikechi Mere and Ash Swidler.

Penalties, however, did not satisfy the scoreline: it resulted in an additional draw, with 5 goals each after 7 penalties from each side, and the OEs having no more players to shoot.

Special mention must go to Mr Moore (JEM) for playing against some of his own students!

Previously, Tuesday 13 November saw 12 boys playing for the first U18 water polo tournament of the 2018-19 season. With boys from all blocks seeing time in the pool, it was a fantastic opportunity to gain some match experience.

The day started well with a 7-1 victory against Colfe’s school. The keepers, Ed Clegg and Nathan Swidler, together with E blocker Callum Reid (ASR), all bagged 2 goals, in addition to Ash Swidler’s magnificent shot to end the game. But what started out as a great day for Eton soon took a turn for the worse. Losses against Dulwich (5-0) and Alleyns (4-2) dampened morale amongst the squad, and our cool composure was beginning to crack. Yet, in true Etonian fashion, they rose to the occasion for the final game, drawing to KCS Wimbledon 2-2 (who had beaten Alleyn's and drawn to Dulwich) with spectacular, god-like finishes from Ikechi Mere (HWTA) and Ethan Wong (DWG) which saw us finish 3rd in the table. Overall, a successful day out and lots learned, both in and out of the pool.

Nathan Swidler