On the 19th, 20th and 21st of September the Caccia Studio played host to PAH’s delivery of While the Sun Shines, and what a delivery it was. Directed by Angus Graham Campbell, the play, although written in 1943, felt fresh, fast and exceptionally funny.

The play takes place during the Second World War in the chambers of the young Lord Bobby Harpenden on the eve of his marriage to Lady Elizabeth who, in her innocence, finds herself wooed by two members of two different allied forces much to the chagrin of Bobby. Terrence Rattigan’s lines offer the potential for great contrasts of comedic subtlety and punch that are fully exploited by the cast, whose natural flowing chemistry brings the characters and their rather complicated relationships to life. A special mention must go to Charlie Rowan-Hamilton’s deft portrayal of the Earl of Harpenden, a character whose perpetual misfortune is as endearing as it is hilarious, a perfect reflection of the play as a whole.

Monty Jones BJH