The speaker at the first Infusions Society meeting of the year was Mr Will Battle of Fine Tea Merchants Ltd, a wholesaler of tea based in Lincolnshire. Mr Battle is the author of The World Tea Encyclopaedia: The World of Tea Explored and Explained from Bush to Brew, a publication that took ten years of research, and so he was well-placed to explain the breadth and depth of the world tea trade. He explained something of the rich diversity of tea, the dynamic nature of the tea trade, and covered fascinating aspects of the biology, geography and economics of tea. He enabled his audience to understand how as a wholesaler one has to respond to the market and balance a number of conflicting pressures. His talk focussed on the importance of African teas for the UK market and his audience had the opportunity to look at and taste teas from Kenya, Rwanda and Malawi. The final tea of the evening, a guava-smoked tea in the style of a LapSang Souchong, was popular but a Malawian tea named after Dr Hastings Niyendra, a researcher at the Tea Research Foundation in Mulanje, won the most plaudits.