Success for Eton at 2 weekend ISL tournament.

On the first Saturday of the half, Eton beat Sevenoaks, Reed’s and Radley. This placed them in the winners group which consisted New Hall (Chelmsford), Hampton and Bradfield.

Eton narrowly beat Hampton by one set overall, combining the scores from each of the three year groups who make up the team.

The Eton Junior ISL team have now held on to this trophy for the second year in succession.

The seniors came 2nd and the 2nd VIII came 8th, again out of sixteen schools.


Back Row (L to R): (F) Tintin Smith mi (RDO-C), (D) Gus Ross-Skinner (MGHM), (E) Jamie Beaumont (NCWS), (F) Julius Manton-Jones mi (RPDF), (D) Fred Robson ma. (TEJN), (E) Henry Hall (WFM), (D) Oscar Bole JDN), (F) Paris Georgulas-Kollakis (NCWS)

Front Row (L to R): (D) Nick Zafiriou (GRP), (E) Will Hoare (AW), (F) Toni Morales (MJP), (E) Angus Nicholson (MAG)