A party of 23 parents and boys to travelled to Saddlebrook, the Harry Hopman Tennis Academy near Tampa, Florida.

The boys were all in E & F blocks, as well as one boy from Windlesham House Prep and another in his first year at Charterhouse who were friends of one of our boys who had asked to come along too. Accompanying us also were four sets of parents – either for the full length of the trip, or just a part of it.

The boys had 5 hours of tennis coaching for two days on, one day off and altogether had six full days of coaching to get them in the swing for the start of the half.

The Busch Gardens Rollercoaster/Amusement Park was visited on Easter Monday. Trips to the cinema and also to a shopping mall were also laid on.

The boys had fun, enjoyed their tennis and return tanned and ready to compete at the highest level for the School.